Drug Rehab Pleasanton

Pleasanton, CA Drug Rehab

Deciding to go to an addiction treatment center is a very important one, and you will be making an investment into your personal health and well being. This means you have to also make sure that you find the rehab facility that is most suited to your needs. Coming to this decision will require you to answer a number of questions about your personal situation, so that you can find a provider that best meets your needs as well. Hopefully, the following information will help you find your way through the many options that are available in Pleasanton, setting you up on the road to recovery.

What Is Inpatient Treatment?

The first option available to you is residential inpatient treatment. In Pleasanton, this usually means that you are looked after 24/7, in a facility that you will live in for the duration of your treatment, often from detox to recovery. You will receive full treatment here, therefore, which includes medical therapy, behavioral therapy, and more, all from a single location.

Usually, each patient will be placed under full medical supervision. You will be given the necessary tools to safely detox from the substance you have used. Detox methods, however, vary greatly between the different centers, so it is important that you look into this properly.

The atmosphere in a residential program is very structured. You will know what you are doing at each moment of the day. This ensures that you can heal both psychologically and physically.

What Is Outpatient Treatment?

The other option is for you to use outpatient treatment. In Pleasanton, these clinics tend to a be a lot more flexible, ensuring people are able to receive treatment if they cannot take time out of their day to day lives. This can be due to educational, personal, or professional commitments. Often, these centers also offer intervention assistance to those who are concerned about a loved one.

Usually, with outpatient treatment, you will have to attend the clinic for a few hours a day, often around three times a week. You will not live at the facility itself, however, which means that you will need to hold personal responsibility for your nutritional and medical needs.

There are also some combination programs. For instance, patients may stay in an inpatient facility after their intervention to manage the detox element of their recovery. After that, they may be provided with an intensive outpatient program. Whichever options you choose, you will almost always be offered follow up treatment at an outpatient center as well.

Which One Is Right?

To find out whether you should choose inpatient or outpatient treatment in Pleasanton, there are a few questions you should answer:

1. What can you afford? While most treatment facilities accept insurance, and most insurance companies offer at least partial payment, the reality is also that outpatient facilities are far more affordable. This is because you will have less therapy, both in terms of time and type, and because you don’t have any of your other needs catered to.
2. Do you have control over your behavior? If you cannot avoid or resist temptation, then an inpatient program is definitely the better option, particularly in the early stages.
3. What type of followup care is offered? Most inpatient facilities do offer some followup, sending you to an outpatient facility after treatment has completed. As such, if your drug or alcohol addiction is moderate, you may want to go to outpatient treatment straight away.
4. How severe is your condition? If you have a severe addiction, for instance, where you have started to build up a strong tolerance, or if you are addicted to alcohol, then inpatient facilities may be the only option simply to ensure you are medically safe for the duration of your treatment.

How Treatment Facilities Can Help

If you find a good detox and rehab facility in Pleasanton, you will have found professionals that can help you with a range of different issues, including drug abuse, substance abuse, and associated pain treatment. They all start with detox, which is an essential element on your road to recover. It is only after that, that you can truly start to recover. Inpatient facilities usually offer a wealth of alternative, holistic therapies that enable you to regain control of your own life, helping you to find your place in society. They also come in varying levels of luxuriousness, which means you can be as comfortable as you want to be while receiving your treatment.