Drug Rehab Newark

Newark, CA Drug Rehab

People who have a substance addiction inevitably get to a point in which they start to seek help. Sometimes, that is following an intervention, or because they are court ordered to do so, or because they feel empowered themselves. Either way, Newark, CA offers a number of different rehab programs for those who want to live a life free from substance abuse. Some address specific substances, such as alcohol, Ritalin, or crystal meth. Others offer very specialized holistic treatment, such as equine therapy and yoga. Others still address everything. This shows how important it is that you think and consider your options before finding drug and alcohol treatment in Newark.

Inpatient or Outpatient and How Long to Go For?

For those who are addicted to alcohol, hydromorphone, phenobarbital, or any other substance, they require a treatment arrangement that is personalized to their individual needs. To achieve this, they can either use inpatient or outpatient care facilities. During inpatient or residential care, they can enjoy a greater number of benefits than during outpatient facilities. While outpatient rehab is often more convenient, and more affordable, it has much lower success rates.

The very best programs offer 30, 60, 90, or 120 day inpatient residential facilities, after which someone can move on to sober living and, finally, outpatient treatment. Deciding whether this is right for you, and how intensive your treatment should be, depends entirely on you and your individual needs. All treatment, however, should start with a period of detox, during which your body will be able to flush out the various toxins. This must be done under medical supervision in order to be not just successful, but also safe. After detox, however, your personal needs, abilities, and wishes will become more important.

If you choose an inpatient facility in Newark, you will have a number of choices available to you, including truly exclusive, VIP clinics in areas in the suburb. These facilities resemble vacation resorts, offering a range of amenities such as swimming pools, art therapy, massage therapy, four star dining, and more. These things are in place mainly as a support network, however. What truly matters is the counseling and therapy that you receive, which is offered across all inpatient and outpatient facilities.

Another reason why inpatient treatment is so much better than outpatient treatment, is because many people also have co-occurring disorders, meaning that they also have a mental health issue. Which one caused the other is often not known, nor relevant. What is relevant, however, is that withdrawal from a substance can heighten the symptoms of the mental health condition, leading to an increased likelihood of relapse. In Newark detox, addiction, and rehab facilities, drug addiction and mental health issues can be treated at the same time, thereby increasing the likelihood of the treatment being successful.

Rehab stays are often at least partially covered by insurance. Programs such as HMO Insurance, EmblemHealth, and Exclusive Care, for instance, offer some cover. The treatment centers in Newark, CA will be more than happy to confidentially contact your insurance provider in order to determine whether or not you are covered and, if so, how much.

Usually, insurance will only cover the minimum, which is detox, a 30 day stay in a rehab facility, with no additional treatment. If you require holistic care, longer treatment, specific facilities, such as more comfortable bed linen, and so on, then you are likely to have to pay for that yourself. That said, most facilities are happy to make flexible payment arrangements with their patients, thereby enabling them to achieve a life of sobriety even if they do not currently have a lot of assets to their name.

What to Take with You

Once you have decided to seek treatment, or if you are organizing an intervention for a loved one, then you may want to know what you need to take with you when you sign up for an inpatient treatment program. The length of time you will stay in your treatment facility, which is usually between 28 days and 12 weeks, will determine to a degree what you need to take with you. Naturally, clothing and grooming items are important, as is some form of entertainment such as reading. If you are a smoker, you must also bring your own tobacco. While tobacco is an addictive substance, it is not recommended to try to stop smoking while also going through rehab. If you were to do that, it is possible that there will be too much on your hands.