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Morgan Hill, CA Drug Rehab

A lot of people find that traveling away from their own home town is very beneficial to help them with their addiction treatment. Their addiction was facilitated or enabled in some way by their environment, which is why going to an inpatient treatment facility in a town other than their own can be really beneficial. They may, for instance, travel to Morgan Hill, CA, not in the least because this area is known for their excellent treatment facilities. That said, location is not the only factor to consider if you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction.

Treatment Types

Every addiction is unique, just like every individual is unique. Because of this, their treatment must be unique as well. There are numerous options available, ranging from help with an intervention to full 120 luxury inpatient treatment. This just demonstrates how many things there are to think about when it comes to treatment.

Overall, however, all addiction treatments follow a number of clearly defined steps. First, there is an intervention of sorts, leading to the person seeking help. Second, they go through a period of detox, which can be offered in a variety of different ways depending on the addiction, how strong the dependency is, and how long the patient has been addicted.

After this, the body is no longer addicted to the substance, and the real road to recovery will begin. The psychological addiction is always much stronger than the physical one, but it can be treated. Treatment is offered through inpatient and outpatient rehab facilities. While it is possible to go straight to outpatient treatment, this is rarely recommended. Instead, people are encouraged to enter inpatient treatment and transition over to outpatient once it is deemed that they are ready to do so.

After inpatient treatment, people are well and truly on the road to recovery. They will be provided with all the necessary tools and skills to stay on the road to recovery. However, follow up treatment is very important as well. If you actually traveled to Morgan Hill from a different area to receive your treatment, you will need to make arrangements for this yourself. If you are in, or intend to stay in, Morgan Hill, however, a number of aftercare facilities will be made available to you, including addiction relapse prevention.

Addiction Relapse Prevention

A relapse prevention plan will be created with every recovering addict and is a critical and comprehensive part of their overall alcohol and drug treatment. Relapse rate continue to be very high, particularly during the first few weeks and months after patients leave inpatient treatment. The longer they stayed in inpatient treatment, the less likely it is that they will relapse, but even they are not immune.

It is vital to understand that a relapse does not mean that you have failed. It simply means that you require further treatment. Relapse is also not something that happens overnight, but rather is a process involving certain thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Through a relapse prevention plan, you should be able to recognize these and discuss them with your counselor, so better coping mechanisms can be put in place. This includes recognizing and handling common triggers, such as stressful situations.

As part of an aftercare program, you will usually be encouraged to attend peer support meetings as well as counseling. Furthermore, you may learn about journaling, meditation, yoga, engaging in hobbies, and taking part in regular exercise. Furthermore, you may be sponsored by a now sober recovered addict, as a greater peer support network. Involving your family and friends in this is also very important.

No matter how committed you are to your recovery, you may still be at risk of relapse. It is important, therefore, that you think about this and that you have realistic expectations of the rest of your life. This is also why many treatment facilities will help you with things such as resume writing and finding work.

Does Insurance Cover Addiction Rehab?

Under the Affordable Care Act, mental health treatment has to be covered by insurance companies. However, individual circumstances bring individual specifications with them. This is why it is so important that you speak to your insurance company to find out what coverage you will receive and how much you have to copay. Some insurance companies, for instance, will only pay for detox. Others will not pay for treatment beyond 28 days. Court mandated treatment may also be refused. That said, most rehab facilities have comprehensive payment arrangements in place for you.