Drug Rehab Menlo Park

Menlo Park, CA Drug Rehab

Drug and alcohol addiction is a disease, a chronic and progressive one. However, it can be treated, and people can learn to manage it and live a life of sobriety. With the proper care and attention, they can be productive and regular members of society. For some, it is best compared to diabetes, for instance, which will require lifelong treatment and management, but that doesn’t mean you cannot function anymore.

If you or a loved one are in the grips of an addiction, therefore, help is out there and there are a number of different treatment centers to choose from in Menlo Park, CA. In fact, there is so much treatment available that you may feel overwhelmed by what is out there. The following information may help you to better understand the options that are available to you, and why they are beneficial.

Understanding Menlo Park, CA Addiction Treatment Centers

Research has demonstrated that the more treatment someone has, the better their results are likely to be. Usually, patients require more than detox and rehab, however. This is because they are likely to be dealing with a number of co-occurring disorders, some physical and some psychological. People may, for instance, struggle with depression and anxiety, and they may also require HIV prevention services.

Overall, however, it is known that if someone receives at least three months of treatment, they are less likely to have a relapse and therefore have better outcomes. In fact, it has been shown that those who only use medically assisted detox programs to beat their physical addiction, have the same outcomes as people who never receive any treatment at all. This is because it is so much more than a physical addiction. Over the past 25 years, study after study has shown that treatment is successful in reducing not just drug intake, but also drug related crimes. Furthermore, those who have had at least three months worth of consecutive drug treatment in Menlo Park are more likely to hold down permanent employment.

What Treatment Is Right?

Every individual is different and requires a different treatment. You have to think about the type of treatment that you believe is right for you. At the same time, however, you need to listen to the recommendations made to you by the multidisciplinary team that will look at your case. So what can you expect?

A lot of research has been made available on the effectiveness of different types of treatments, and you may want to look into the information made available by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. You then need to determine which of these types of treatment is most appropriate to your needs. You will notice a number of evidence based practice (EBP) treatments. This means that they have been properly researched through scientific studies, and are proven to be effective.

One of the most common types of therapies is behavioral therapy. This comes in various forms, however, including family therapy, support groups, psychotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy, and individual counseling. However, before you can truly benefit from therapy, you will have to have a clean body, which means you have to go through a period of detox. This is usually medically supported, to ensure you can manage both the withdrawal symptoms and the subsequent physical drug cravings you will need. With some addictions, such as heroin, detox can take quite a long time, during which period you will be provided with a different medication, such as methadone, first. Research has shown that the approach of detox and therapy together can help lower rates of death, as well as various other physical issues associated with heroin addiction.

The most respected EBP at present is the National Registry of Evidence Based Programs and Practices, or NREPP. The goal of NREPP is to make sure that people who need help in places like Menlo Park are able to find the best, and most up to date information on addiction treatment. The treatments that they recommend are fully described and also include criteria that people should look for, so that is an excellent resource for you to find out what works, and whether the rehab facility you are considering offers it properly.

One of the most popular treatment options, however, remains the 12 step program. While this is a beneficial type of treatment, it is not right for everybody. You must, therefore, consider what else is available so that you can get on the road to recovery and achieve a life of sobriety.