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Fremont, CA Drug Rehab

Dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction is devastating on the lives of both the patient and the lives of their loved ones, and even entire communities. Getting help, therefore, is vital. Getting that help is an investment, and it is very important that you consider properly the options that are available to you, making sure that you find the most appropriate kind of treatment. In Fremont, CA, there are a number of rehab facilities available ready to take on your case and giving you the assistance that you require.

Choosing the Best Addiction Treatment Center

A lot of people hold an intervention to encourage their loved ones to seek help. When you host an intervention, it is vital that you have a facility for the person to go to straight away. This means that you need to think about this first. The same considerations have to be made if you’re looking for help for yourself.

Consider the types of amenities that you feel are important for the patient’s personal needs. You will notice that Fremont has a wide range of facilities available, including executive facilities and luxury facilities. They also offer both high end and budget facilities if money is one of the important considerations. But what is essential is that the comfortable during recovery, which may mean having massage therapy, deluxe accommodation, superior bed linens, four star dining, or anything else.

The first thing you must understand is that no two addictions or dependencies are the same. However, recovery does follow a similar path. It starts with detox, moves on to rehab, and continues to the final goal of lasting sobriety. Fremont drug and addiction centers understand how individualized every addiction is, and how important it is to have individualized treatment as well. The simple fact that you are ready to admit that you have an addiction, and that you are committed to making a change, is inspiring and something that you will be supported in through a multidisciplinary team.

How Long Does Recovery Take?

Because no two addictions are the same, it is not possible to put a set timeline on treatment either. It all depends on the substance that is abused, at what dosage, and how long the dependency has lasted. Some people only require outpatient rehab, others need to stay in an inpatient facility for as long as 120 days, followed by a stay in sober living facilities. There are facilities available in Fremont for any situation, so you know you won’t have to accept help that will not be suitable for you needs.

Inpatient or Outpatient?

A lot of people hope that they can make do with outpatient treatment. That is because it is more convenient as you can continue with your regular life while undergoing rehab, and because it is more affordable. Unfortunately, it is far less effective than inpatient care. If you have an addiction or dependency on substances such as alcohol, Amobarbital, Darvon, or any other substance, you will likely need at least a period of inpatient rehabilitation. Statistics have shown again and again that those who receive intensive, inpatient treatment, have far better long term outcomes and are more likely to live a life of sobriety.

There have been numerous studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of inpatient treatment. One such study, published in the “Evaluation Review” journal, looked at 471 people addicted to heroin between 1964 and 1965, all of whom were admitted to the inpatient California Civil Addict program. The study lasted for 33 years, and it was found that the addicts could be classified as having chronic addictions. They all faced significant issues that simply didn’t disappear without serious help. Those who had the longest inpatient rehab treatment fared considerably better than those who didn’t have inpatient treatment, or who only stayed for 30 days. In fact, those who had three months’ worth of treatment or more were also more likely to be in employment and to remain sober for life.

What About Cost and Insurance?

The price of treatment in Fremont, CA is often a significant barrier for people. However, since the Affordable Care Act has been implemented, insurance companies must provide coverage for mental health issues. How they provide that cover, however, varies significantly. Most will cover a 30 day stay in a PPO or HMO approved rehab facility. That said, the cost of these facilities varies greatly, depending on what treatment and complimentary therapies you receive. However, most rehab facilities do offer comprehensive payment plans, so that the cost should not stand in your way to recovery.

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