Drug Rehab Foster City

Foster City, CA Drug Rehab

If you are in Foster City, CA, and you require help for yourself or a loved one to deal with a drug or alcohol addiction or dependency, you have a lot of options available to you. Whether the substance is alcohol, an inhalant, GHB, or any other illicit or prescription drug doesn’t matter. What does matter, however, is that you make the right decision in terms of your treatment. Every person is an individual and every addiction is unique. This is why treatment has to be personalized to the specific needs of the patient.

Inpatient or Outpatient?

While there are many different therapies available, all of them are delivered either through inpatient or outpatient treatment. What you need to decide, either for yourself or in preparation for an intervention with a loved one, is which one of the two is most suitable. In Foster City, residential inpatient rehab means that you will live in a treatment facility where you will receive round the clock care from detox to discharge. They offer a full range of options, from behavioral therapy to yoga, in a single location.

In an inpatient facility, you will be placed under full medical supervision. This means that you can detox safely, as well as comfortably, as treatments can be made available to make the withdrawal symptoms more manageable. Residential programs are incredibly effective, as they will monitor your health throughout the program, and can make adjustments as and when required.

The atmosphere at an inpatient facility is very structured. This means that you can truly focus all your attention on healing both physically and mentally. Because you are in a residential facility, you don’t have to deal with the stresses of daily normal lives.

By contrast, outpatient facilities in Foster City are a lot more flexible. People who cannot take time out of their normal lives, because of personal, professional, or educational responsibilities, can use these services to still get help. Generally speaking, outpatient facilities offer programs inside their clinics around three to five times per week, usually for a few hours each time.

You will not actually live at the center, however. Because of this, your nutritional needs and medical conditions are yours to manage. Furthermore, you will remain in the environment in which your past drug and alcohol abuse was facilitated, continuing to be exposed to the triggers that you would previously deal with through substances. It is for this reason that outpatient treatment is only recommended for those who only have a mild abuse problem and have not yet progressed to dependency or addiction.

There are also a number of programs in Foster City that combine the two. Usually, this involves a period of detox in an inpatient facility, perhaps including partial hospitalization. Once the physical addiction has been broken, patients will be able to access more intensive outpatient programs. After a period of that, they can move on to regular outpatient clinics where they can receive followup treatment.

Co-Occurring Disorders

It is very common for people with an addiction to also have co-occurring disorders. Medical problems such as malnutrition and HIV are quite common, but so are psychiatric conditions. Because of this, Foster City now offers a number of psychiatric residential treatment options as well. This can be a true lifesaver for those who have had to battle with both addiction and mental illness. The residents are not marginalized or seen as nothing but a case or statistics. Rather, they are able to benefit from having the time to focus on their personal wellness goals, from changing their pace, from being included in a community of empathic peers and professional staff members, and from being able to have round the clock care available to them so that no stressful situations need to escalate into a true emergency. What these facilities provide is true integrated care for a number of different conditions simultaneously.

Relapse Prevention

Unfortunately, relapse rates continue to be very high with drug and alcohol treatment. This is why any good Foster City rehab treatment center will offer relapse prevention services as well. This ensures patients have the tools, resources, and support to be able to stay on the path to sobriety, and to have a network around them when they start to slip towards relapse.

Being in the grips of an addiction is no way to live. Luckily, help is out there for you in Foster City. Make sure that you look into the different options so that you can have that second chance in life.