Substance Abuse Detoxification

Detoxification from Drugs and Alcohol

Before beginning therapy, you must remove the toxics from your body. Detoxification, or detox, is the process by which the addictive substances are eliminated and the person begins to stabilize. The majority of people entering treatment require some degree of detox or stabilization.
This is the dangerous stage of the recovery process as withdrawal symptoms accompany detoxification. Make sure to find a treatment center that will provide individualized assessments and protocols. Some substances can cause deadly withdrawal symptoms, making it extremely important to seek professional help for this phase.

What Is the Withdrawal Process Like?

Withdrawal will vary widely between individuals in terms of symptoms presented and severity of those symptoms. Everyone is different and the severity of the withdrawal depends on many factors including length of use, types of substances used, the person’s physical health, genetics and many others.

Withdrawal is a consequence of physical dependence on a substance that is no longer introduced into the body. The body and brain becomes acclimated to the substance and alters the amount of neurochemicals it produces. Once the substance is gone, the mind and body is left with an irregular and depreciated amount of the neurochemical. The result of this is withdrawal and the individual experiencing distressing symptoms.

Doctors will typically prescribe medication to lessen the amount of discomfort you experience to ensure a safe detox. Detox from alcohol and benzodiazepines can be deadly, making professional assistance crucial. Others substances such as heroin may not be fatal but withdrawal can be extremely unpleasant. Doctors will prescribe drugs to help wean your body off the substance, allowing you to stop using with as little suffering as possible.

Although withdrawal is not especially pleasant, it is most likely not as bad as you may fear. Do not hesitate out of fear. A life better than you can imagine is waiting for you.

Find a Detox Center

It is strongly recommended that you find a detox center to aid you in your cessation of using. Professionals at the treatment center can help you in many different ways.

Other professional staff are available around the clock to provide any necessary assistance you need. Make sure to find a quality center that will ensure your experience is as pleasant as possible. Having qualified staff around you as you go through this difficult time can make all the difference in the world.

Don’t Wait! Get Help Today!

Though the thought of detox can be frightening, it is far better than continuing to use. Millions of people have been where you are and have prevailed over their addiction, one day at a time. Everyone in recovery attests to their life being far better now that they are free of drugs and alcohol. I life spent enslaved to addictive substances equals a life of torment and suffering. Essentially, detox is a little bit of discomfort traded for a lifetime of meaningful relationships, happiness and purpose for living. Do not hesitate to start living the life you deserve to have. If you are struggling with substance abuse, reach out and get help today.

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