Drug Rehab Daly City

Daly City, CA Drug Rehab

Daly City, CA, was named after John Daly, businessman and land owner. It is home to some 103,000 people, and some of them are dealing with substance abuse problems, mental illness, and more. As a result, a number of treatment centers in the city now exist, providing intervention, detox, and rehab facilities. Their goal is to make sure people are able to achieve a life of sobriety by overcoming their addictions and getting help with any mental health disorders they may have.

Treatment Facilities in Daly City

Those who have a serious addiction or a substance abuse problem that has gone on for a long time, are advised to use inpatient treatment. During this treatment, they will first go through a period of detox. Some facilities also offer rapid detoxification services. This is followed by individual therapy and group counseling.

Other patients are not able to undergo inpatient treatment, perhaps because they have personal, educational, or professional responsibilities that they must meet. As a result, Daly City also offers a number of outpatient treatment facilities. These offer the same benefits as inpatient treatment, although they are less intensive because patients stay in their own homes.

Life After Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Once someone has completed rehab, be that inpatient or outpatient, aftercare programs are available. This includes the well-known 12 step program, but other options are also available. These programs are in place to ensure people can retain sobriety. Patients also continue to have contact with their rehab counselor, who will request frequent updates.

Understanding the Need for Rehab in Daly City

Many people who deal with substance abuse problems in Daly City have been found to be in that situation following legal painkiller or medical marijuana prescriptions. One thing of particular concern in the area is that many of those who require addiction treatment are the family members or loved ones of those who received prescription medication.

How to Enroll in a Treatment Program

Daly City is in the constant grips of a debate on the pros and cons of medical marijuana dispensaries. It is clear that some people require pain medication, but there is a significant difficulty in stopping those who would abuse these from accessing them. Unfortunately, this is a complex issue to resolve. When people are prescribed a medication legally, they instantly have the potential of becoming available to those who will abuse them. In Daly City, in particular, this happens through:

• Young people finding leftover, unused prescriptions and experiencing with drugs.
• Family members ‘skimming’ marijuana or pills from an ongoing prescription, often without the patient knowing it.
• Patients developing addictions of their own.
• Patients selling their filled prescriptions in the black market.

How Long Does Recovery Take?

There is no set time frame in which someone who accesses treatment services will recover. While the steps are quite clear (detox, rehab, aftercare), how long each person will need for each of those steps varies greatly. The type of drug someone uses, in what dosage, and for how long are important factors, as is the level of addiction and whether or not the patient has tried to detox and rehab in the past. Most treatment centers, therefore, offer 30-, 60-, 90-, and 120-day treatment options, with recommendations made to patients on an individual basis.

How Can I Pay for Treatment?

Paying for detox and rehab facilities is something that worries many people and is, unfortunately, a real barrier towards obtaining a happy, healthy life. Many facilities are HMOs or PPOs, however, which means the majority of insurance companies will provide at least partial coverage. Usually, people will have to pay for longer treatment or additional, complimentary therapies and comfort items themselves. However, the goal of treatment centers is first and foremost to empower people to take control of their own lives. As a result, they generally offer easy payment terms as well.

If you are ready to take the first and all important step towards positively changing your life for good, you have quite a few options available to you in Daly City. Whether you are looking for yourself, or are about to stage an intervention for a loved one, help is out there. It is vital, in both cases, that you review what the facilities offer and how they offer it, as well as their cost and insurance facilities. But you also have to think about your personal needs and wishes to increase your comfort, and make sure that the facility you choose is able to meet those needs.