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Concord CA

Concord, CA Drug Rehab

Concord, CA is just 30 miles outside of San Francisco. As such, it will come as no surprise that it hosts a number of important amenities. Home to some 124,000 people, it is the largest Contra Costa County community. Unfortunately, even Concord, a reasonably affluent community, has its far share of drug problems. As a result, a number of drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers have been formed there.

Recovery Programs and Treatment Centers

At present, Concord is home to a number of drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities. This ensures that people are able to find the treatment center that best suits their personal needs, allowing them to get started on the road to recovery. Treatment centers are highly comprehensive, offer both long and short term programs, and have very good aftercare programs available as well. Furthermore, help is also available for those who do not speak English, and even for those who are hearing impaired. Comprehensive residential and outpatient centers are ready to give people the help they so desperately need.

Enrolling into a Rehab Clinic

Unfortunately, the need for drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Concord is rising. One of the biggest problems in the area is prescription drugs, but there is also a rising issue with bath salts, K2 and other such programs. According to the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs, there has also been a 12.6% increase in DUI arrests.

In view of the above, centers now offer a range of different treatment services, addressing various types of addictions. These include alcohol abuse and alcoholism, marijuana abuse and addiction, cocaine abuse and dependence, synthetic drug abuse or addiction, prescription drug addiction or abuse, inhalant dependence or abuse, hallucinogen dependence or abuse, and over the counter drug addiction and abuse. Importantly, centers also offer treatment for people who have co-occurring disorders.

What matters most when choosing a drug or alcohol treatment program in Concord is that the services that are provided should be designed to suit the individual needs of the patients. People, for instance, who have abused alcohol for a short period of time may only want to seek help in terms of finding new forms of entertainment and to address their emotional issues, while continuing to live their normal life. In this case, outpatient rehab treatment may be all that is needed. If, by contrast, people have had a long standing heroin addiction and have gone through rehab several times before, only to relapse again and again, then inpatient treatment will be far more effective, particularly if Suboxone or methadone treatment is to be used.

The Process of Treatment

Treatment starts with an intervention. Generally speaking, those who have the addiction are the last to admit to this and to seek help. During an intervention, supported by a trained interventionist, friends and family gather to discuss why change and rehab are required.

After the intervention, a period of detox has to be undergone. This enables the body to be cleansed from the substance. Unfortunately, this part is incredibly difficult because the physical dependency that the patient has developed for the substance or drug means that he or she will have to cope with some serious side effects. Many rehab facilities offer medically supported detox, however, which means this period, which can last anything from 48 hours to a few weeks, is as comfortable as possible.

After detox, patients can get help from inpatient therapy in a rehab center. During this time, they will receive intensive therapy in individual and group forms. It is possible to choose outpatient treatment as well, but this is not recommended for those who had more than a mild problem. While outpatient treatment does allow people to maintain their other responsibilities, the chance of relapse is much higher.

After rehab, aftercare is required. Treatment centers in Concord offer comprehensive options for this, from ongoing therapy to support groups and even sober living facilities. Each patient is evaluated individually to determine what type of aftercare will be most suitable to their needs.

Luxury Drug Treatment Options

Concord is also home to a number of luxury drug treatment facilities. These centers are comparable to five star vacation resorts, located in beautiful surroundings and having a range of top amenities available. These include holistic treatment, four star chefs, and even fine bed linens. These services are often requested by VIPs and celebrities who are used to a degree of luxuriousness, and who also want to increase their privacy. That said, treatment at any rehab center is always completely private and confidential.

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