Drug Rehab Antioch

Antioch, CA Drug Rehab

Addiction should be seen as a chronic, progressive disease, and one that is hard to truly address without appropriate help. It is very important for people who suffer from a substance dependence or addiction to have a strong support network around them. This network should cater to their personal, specific needs, but it should do more as well. This is why Antioch, CA drug and alcohol rehab and treatment centers offer a broad spectrum of different services. These are all customized to the individual needs of the patient, because every addiction is unique.

Understanding Addiction

Every individual deals with addictions in different ways. They are addicted to different substances at different dosages and use at different frequencies. They also have their own unique coping mechanisms, not just with their addictions but also with any other issues in their lives. This is why treatment should not be a singular thing, but rather a broad spectrum of services. A lot of people with dependency and addiction problems also have co-occurring disorders, meaning that they also have a mental health issues. In so doing, treatment centers address both the physical and psychological issues.

Drugs and Alcohol Treatment in Antioch

Within Antioch treatment programs, physicians will help their patients with the full recovery journey. Usually, treatment starts after an intervention by a loved one or professional, after which the addict goes through a period of medically supervised detox. The detox process is often feared by people, and is at times a significant barrier to actually receiving treatment. This is why it is vital that the process is properly explained to individuals and that they know they will be made as comfortable as possible. Usually, they will be provided with medication to stabilize them, with these medications being non- or minimally addictive. In so doing, patients can slowly recover from the physical addiction, but in a very effective way, putting the withdrawal symptoms behind them.

Once a patient has been detoxed, he or she will be ready for the rehab program. In almost all cases, it is recommended that patients attend a 30, 60, 90, or even 120 inpatient program. While outpatient programs do exist, and are more convenient and affordable, they are far less effective and only recommended for people who have only recently built up a dependency and are not yet in the grips of an addiction. The recommended time period to stay in an inpatient facility again depends on the individual and on how severe their addiction actually is.

Antioch treatment centers are known for their compassion and care towards their patients. They focus not solely on the individual’s physical well being, but also on mental well being. There are also a number of luxury treatment centers available, where people can be supported in a very comfortable, relaxing environment. Whether luxury rehab or not, patients are housed in groups with their peers who are at different stages of recovery themselves. This allows them to start building a support network of people who truly understand what they are going through.

While in rehab, people can take part in a range of different therapy sessions. Additionally, quite a few centers offer complimentary therapies as well, such as exercising, yoga, kayaking, meditation, beach trips, hiking, and more.

After inpatient treatment, aftercare is very important. There are numerous options available for people in Antioch, including group therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, 12 step programs, sober living facilities, and more. It is very important that recovering addicts are supported through preparation services in order to return to regular life. As such, they are often helped with things such as career search assistance, resume writing training, interview simulations, and more. Additionally, treatment centers often offer family therapy, thereby enabling recovering addicts, whether they were struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction, to rebuild their personal relationships and have a strong, sober support network around them.

Payment Considerations

In terms of payment, most treatment centers accept insurance and most insurance companies pay, at least in part, for treatment. Furthermore, payment arrangements can usually be made for any non-covered costs. Hence, the price should not be a barrier to receiving the treatment that is very much needed.

If you, or someone you care about, is struggling with an addiction, help is available in Antioch, CA. It is important to reach out to that help as soon as possible in order to stop the addiction from destroying even more of your life. That said, it is never too late to seek help. It is possible to beat the disease and to take control of your life, particularly through the supportive services that are out there for you.