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Finding Addiction Treatment from San Jose

One of the most frustrating aspects of drug addiction is the very real sense of hopelessness that can come with it. Many addicts simply give up hope for recovery because they don’t believe they have any options other than to endure the disease. In fact, many people who struggle with drug or alcohol addiction don’t even realize that they are wrestling with a disease.

A quality addiction treatment program will help restore your health and sense of hope, which is crucial to finding a life better than your wildest dreams. You deserve a life of happiness and health. Call and discover the new you today.

What Can I Expect from a Treatment Center?

Treatment centers vary widely in services offered and in level of care. People looking to get and stay sober are most often referred to an inpatient treatment program as they provide the most intensive and comprehensive care. These residential facilities offer around the clock support and medical attention, making them a wise choice for anyone needing more intensive treatment. Inpatient facilities also remove the person from the situations and people who may have perpetuated his or her using. By choosing inpatient treatment, you are signing up for more work but far more gain.

Outpatient programs are also greatly beneficial for those who are looking to start a life in sobriety who cannot commit to inpatient treatment due to financial or time constraints. Some people may benefit more from an outpatient program as everyone’s story and needs are different. This part-time treatment program allows more flexibility and responsibility, making it possible to continue to work or attend school while also engaging in intensive therapy.

Therapeutic Approaches to the Disease of Addiction

There are many therapeutic approaches that can help someone overcome the issues that led to drug and alcohol abuse. Various types of individual therapy are crucial to exploring problems from the past and move past them. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a hallmark of addiction therapy. This form of psychotherapy help the person identify negative thought patterns and core beliefs and replace them with healthier ones. With a newfound understanding of how and why the thoughts and subsequent behaviors arise, the person can change his or her reactions for the better.

Group therapy is a natural ally of defeating the disease of addiction. The group setting and interpersonal interactions help combat the isolating nature of the disease. People are able to get feedback from multiple people in the same situation as themselves regarding problems being faced in early recovery. The bonds formed by fellow group members are especially strong and tend to last long after everyone has graduated from treatment. The support system created and engaged helps everyone involved overcome difficult issues and find better ways of dealing with all variety of issues.

Family therapy offers family members education about the disease of addiction and facilitates group sessions. Understanding the components of the disease is crucial for the family unit to move forward on a healthier path. Family therapy sessions allow everyone to address problems of the past and work on solutions for the future. Everyone is endowed with coping strategies and communication techniques to ensure a happier, healthier family dynamic.

Travelling for Treatment and Peace of Mind

Many people in recovery opt to travel for treatment to allow themselves the opportunity to focus solely on their own recovery without the distraction and temptations they might find at home. Finding a treatment center away from situations and people that may attempt to lure you away from recovery is recommended by many professionals.

Travelling for treatment has the added benefit of giving the person the opportunity to travel anywhere. Why not choose a vacation destination where you can relax under palm trees while working on yourself?

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